African Aerial Safaris offers tailored, private flying safaris throughout Southern Africa.

Having your own private aeroplane adds a very personal, intimate experience to an African safari. It gives you flexibility to explore off the beaten track as you fly between the destinations. 

When you’re on a game drive you get up close and personal with the animals and their surroundings. Gaining a bird’s eye view of all of this adds a completely new dimension to a safari. The bigger picture from above can be fascinating. Seeing how river systems affect animal routes, how millions of years of erosion shapes the earth below, spotting jackals looking for seal pups on the Skeleton Coast, or just experiencing the vastness of the Namib Desert completes the whole safari experience.

Low-level scenic flying

Flying high and fast is certainly beneficial from a time perspective, but you miss out on so much way down below you. Flying at lower altitudes and slightly slower you get a bird’s eye view of some of the most incredible landscapes in Africa.