Cessna Latitude jet

The Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft is the first in its class to push the comfort envelope with a flat floor and 6-foot stand-up cabin. The spacious interior has highspeed internet to keep you comfortable and connected. The touch-screen Garmin G5000 avionics revolutionize how pilots access flight data and take command of the aircraft’s state-of the-art navigation, traffic, surveillance and communications systems. Rest assured, you are supported by the farthest reaching and most accessible service network.

  • Registration: ZS-DIP
  • Base: Lanseria International Airport
  • Year of manufacture: 2017
  • Number of Passengers: 9
  • Crew: 2 Pilots
  • Service Ceiling: 41 000 ft
  • Cruising speed: 450 ktas (826 km/h)
  • Non-stop Range: 2 350 nm (4 350 km)
  • Galley: Yes
  • Lavatory: Yes
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