Pilatus PC12 NGX, Lanseria charter

The brand-new PC-12 NGX arrived in South Africa from the factory end 2022! The PC-12 NGX is an updated version of the popular PC-12 series, featuring a more advanced avionics system and improved engine performance.

Overall, the PC-12 NGX is a reliable and versatile aircraft with improved performance and safety features compared to previous versions. It is a popular choice for businesses and organizations that require a versatile aircraft for various purposes.

  • Registration:   ZS-FHG
  • Base:   Lanseria International Airport
  • Year of manufacture:   2022
  • Number of Passengers:   8
  • Crew:   1 Pilot, 2 if requested,
  • Service Ceiling:  25,000 ft (7,620 m)
  • Cruising speed:  463 km/h
  • Non-stop Range:  2 965 km (1 600nm)
  • Galley:   Mini Galley
  • Lavatory:   Yes
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